Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet My Nuno Felting Teacher, Jean Gauger

This class was excellent, so I wanted to introduce you to my teacher.

First, her name is Jean Gauger.

She sells her work on Etsy and on ebay.

When I looked her up on ebay, she had shawls that were $599, and one that was $3,500. I was wondering why that was the case, and she explained in class that she didn't reallly want to sell the $3,500 one, so she priced it super high. A girl after my own heart. These pictures are of Jean, demonstrating that if you make two shawls, you can combine them together to make an even bigger shawl. Some day, I want to make a - dare I say it - poncho - for my husband, to replace the hideous Mexican serape that he wears to karate. He is a great big man and so I suppose looks so imposing that only his spouse would dare say that the sarape isn't doing him any favors.

oh yes, and that is my stupid computer bag near Jean's feet. A technician's work is never done. Sigh.

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