Monday, November 8, 2010

Raindrops and Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

I have been spinning. And spinning, And spinning some more. In the evenings, lately, I spin. And at the moment, I have one spindle that I love more than all the rest. Spindle makers of the world, please forgive me, but this spindle sits in my hand nicely, is of a weight that makes it possible to spin very thin, and has notches galore. I love notches. I have spindles without notches, and I have nothing to catch the fiber on, and it is utterly, utterly annoying.

A drumroll please...

My absolute favorite spindle is:

This is called a dual whorl spindle, and it was made by Tom Forrester. I confess, I bought it on ebay, gently used. I am not one to pooh-pooh an object just because someone else has enjoyed it a little first. As long as they didn't gnaw on it, I'm good.

Now, the problem with drop spindles is that they are just too darned pretty. So now I'll show you who is next on my horizon of spindle makers.

These next spindles are by Tracy Eichheim at I have to admit, I dream about these spindles. But I've never actually spun with one. Now tell me, is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

By the way, if you own one of Tracy's beauties, I hope you'll pose it and take a picture and send it to me for inclusion here. These are all pictures from his website, but I would love to include some from his customers.


  1. first I thought you owned all of them!

  2. nope... just the Forrester. I've fallen into a routine now where I fill up the Forrester, which takes a day or two, then I ply it and pop it into my box of completed yarn. And then I start again.