Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Fingerless (and Not So Fingerless) Frenzy

The girls at guild, and my Mom at home, are into mittens just now. So I can't resist showing you what all they've been up to.

First, we have Theresa's fingerless mittens:

Theresa says these are incredibly comfortable. And the yarn is so pretty!

Not to be outdone, my mother made herself some mittens. Here's the fiber that we started with. I sold a boatload of this, one ounce at a time, at guild:

Here's how it looked after I spun it up for Mom:

And here's her finished product:

Isn't my Mom as cute as a button?

These are fingerless mittens that Kyla Williams was working on. At least one pair is for her husband. I like the way she handled the fingerless part. General consensus is that you need to put something between the finger holes for fingerless mittens, otherwise they'll ride up on you and be terribly annoying wrist muffs. Kyla said she crocheted the connection:

Last of all, Spinoff Magazine had an article about fingerless texting mittens. Theresa has already anticipated this new fad and is working on a design right now. In th meantime, Chris Frayda has already started working using the pattern that was in Spinoff:

Although I am not yet a texter, I love the way the ladies jump on these technological trends and come up with a way to appeal to the trendsetters.

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