Monday, December 7, 2015

Those Girls

Last weekend, I went back to knitting with my friends Channyn, Denise, and Linda. Those girls, they are so sweet.

So, Linda and Denise were working on this project:

Of course, there's a story that goes with it.

It seems that three years ago, Denise's, Channyn's and Linda's family went on a family vacation to New York City. Channyn cannot leave the house without seeking out a yarn store, so she found one and was looking at some mighty fine yarn for a project she had been longing to do for some time, a shawl.

Now, Denise, well, she takes a lot of ribbing because whatever Channy does, Denise either wants, or wants to do, or both. So if Channy makes a nice cowl, Denise wants to wear the cowl, and Denise wants to make the cowl, and she is inevitably convinced that her cowl is never as nice as Channy's, which means she goes back to wanting to wear Channy's cowl. I swear, last week I saw Channyn eat the insides out of some puff pastries, and Denise ate the outsides.

So of course, Denise wanted to make the shawl too. So she picked out yarn. And somewhere in there, Linda was pulled in, Linda who had at that point, three years ago, knit one cowl. The shawl has beads embedded in it. Channyn commented that the bead part would be kind of tricky, but Linda insisted she was up for it. So Linda bought yarn and beads as well. 

Channyn came home, made her shawl, and moved on to other things. Channyn is our master producer. Linda slogged away at hers, periodically making mistakes and mailing the shawl to Channyn so she could fix things and send them back. And last week, we all got together with our assorted projects. Note that I am not making the shawl, as it would end up looking round or muddled in some other way. Like Channyn, I am a producer, but I have rules like, "If there are too many stitches, munge some together with the knit together technique," or "If you drop a stitch, find something that will snag onto it and drag it up through the knitting and then sort of knit it back in."

So, looking at the picture, Channyn's is the grey and wine colored one at the bottom, Denise's is the purple and off-white one on the upper right. And Linda's is the brown and turquoise one on the left. I'd say that Linda has maybe one more long day and hers will be finished. Denise, maybe three more long days,

The dynamics when we are all on a knitting frenzy is amazing to behold. Linda slogs along, counts her stitches, comes out with too many, can't sort it out, lifts up her shawl and throws it at Channyn. Channyn fixes it and throws it back. Denise slogs along, drops all her stitches, and throws it at Channyn. Channyn fixes it and throws it back. There's quite a bit of whining, and a certain amount of cussing on the part of the throwers. Well, heck, if that's how it works, I'll try it too. So I haul out one of my projects that has a hole in it, throw it to Channyn, and lo and behold, she fixes it and throws it back. In the meantime, Channyn is knocking out another project filled with cables. Channyn is so good at this, she doesn't even need a cable needle to do cables. 

Whoops - just saw this note from Linda on facebook. I am "lol"ing all over the place:

So I was super super super careful knitting, got through another set of repeats and was finishing the first row of the next repeat. Made it to the center where I am supposed to have 8 stitches remaining........ and I have 9. I tried to throw it across the room, but there was no one there to catch it.

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