Thursday, December 24, 2015

There's No Mistaking Steeking

Good news! I've learned a new skill. Well, I've observed and lightly participated in a new skill.

I made a hat. And I made a cowl. But, I was under the influence of some post-surgery medications when I made the cowl. So, there was an issue with the cowl. I was using circular needles, and I messed up the circulation, and before I knew it, I had a cowl that looked like a big ol' headband, wrapped around itself at least five times. Un-redeemable.

I took it to my friends Denise, Channyn, and Linda. And Channyn said, "You need to take that to Georgia, or take it all apart and start over." It is rare for Channyn to pass on a project, so I knew the situation was serious.

So I took it to SewGreen, a lovely new charity in the 19th Ward in Rochester, NY. Georgia was out working on another mission, so Patty helped me instead. She looked at my troubled cowl and said I would need to steek it. Steeking is laying out the scarf and crocheting 2 lines up the width. Then you cut it between the two lines (after prayer... prayer is useful at this point). Then you straighten out the project and use the same yarn with a tapestry needle and sew each side, and then you sew the two sides together. It sounds a little horrifying (the part where you cut it), but in the end it did work out.

Patty showed me two youtube videos. And it all looked simple enough, except that I don't know how to crochet. So Patty did the crochet. And Patty did the cutting. And then it was my job to do the sewing. Unfortunately, this was such dark, thin yarn that I really couldn't see what I was doing. At one point Patty considered undoing my sewing, but I think she realized there wasn't much holding me back from breaking out the staple gun. So, it isn't perfectly sewn together, but it will hold, and it looks lovely.

This cowl and hat are now ready for my sweet friend Leunora. I gave her a hat and scarf this summer, but they were not the right color for her. Baby blue. Leunora is definitely a fall colors sort of person.

Leunora's hat and scarf are made from light, fluffy maroon bunny. The sunlight in the picture below is making it look redder than it actually is. Should washing it be necessary, hand wash it in hot water, treat it ever so gently, and lay it out to dry. Do not put it in the dryer or the washer, unless you have a Barbie Doll that you want to wear this.

Here is my giant squirrel modeling Leunora's gift. I have run out of models and must now resort to dressing the statuary.

Leunora, thank you so much for your support during this hideously awful year of 2015. You are one of my wildest friends, and I loved spending time with you.

Here's a picture that shows the color better:

And Patty, thank you for helping me with the steeking, I literally could not have done it without you,

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