Thursday, December 24, 2015

Like Knitting with Drum Sticks

I had to have some surgery a couple of weeks ago, and on the night before I left, I sent this snarky note out to my colleagues:

My husband says I cannot take my computer to the hospital, so unless you want to describe your requirements for a knitted hat, you should seek out Will, Nantha or James if you need anything on Friday or Saturday.

Admire me, if you will, for figuring I'd be working again on Sunday. But one lone colleague responded with a request.

Oh CRAP! Someone wants me to follow a pattern! I can't follow a pattern. And there are cat ears on this cowl. Cat ears.

Nonetheless, I tracked down and purchased the pattern. And then I mulled. Buy the yarn used in the pattern? mmm... Finally I went into the basement and brought up my yarn stash. And lo and behold, I found this yarn:

This yarn is vintage Jaeger Natural Fleece, 1 ball is 100g. Ultimately, it took 3 1/2 balls to make the hooded cowl. It says hand wash,do not tumble dry, dry flat out of direct heat and sunlight. 10 cm = 15 rows, 10 1/2 stitches, US 13 knitting needles.

I have, like, 10 balls of it. I think I could make Donna a coat, there's so much of it.

Note to Donna:

Do you like wine colored yarn?

Note from Donna:

...I love wine... And the color wine

All right, we're in business. So I figured I'd better practice first. I've never knit with size 15 knitting needles and super chunky yarn before. So I found some more big thick yarn in my stash.

The blue and mixed yarn are a vintage Tahki Yarns Baby Yarn. Gauge is 2 1/2 stitches = 1", 4 rows = 1 inch. The purple didn't have any labels on it, but it looked about right.

ohmygosh, knitting with those big needles was like knitting with drum sticks.

As it turned out, the purple had more stretch to it than the Tahki yarn, so when I washed the finished cowl, the purple seemed inclined to head in a different direction. But heck, it's a great big cowl and you wrap around your neck, so I don't think anybody will notice.

Here's what the practice cowl looks like all finished up:

All right, enough big needle big yarn practicing. I pulled out the pattern and made the hooded cowl.

And in the end, it is... well it's a big cowl with a hood. It's biggest advantage from my perspective is that it hides your double chin, if you happen to have one. I think I look like Little Red Riding Hood with a bad-ass attitude.

Donna, I hope you have lovely holidays. If you'd like me to knit up and attach the cat ears before I send this out, let me know. Thanks for all your help this year.

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