Thursday, December 24, 2015

Have You Ever Knit Something Just So You Could Make the Yarn Leave Your House?

I bought the prettiest yarn at the Hemlock Fiber Festival this year. Something called bouclé. Bouclé yarn has these little ringlets in it, which I found made it very easy to accidentally create or lose a stitch.

Now this teal mohair merino on the left was soft as soft could be. But the bouclé on the right turned out to be a fight. I've never knit with bouclé before, and am not sure I want to do so again. I'm thinking I used the wrong sized needles for this type of yarn. But, in the end, a lovely hat and scarf came out of it. 

I am running out of models, so Greta had to pose for this picture: 

This hat and scarf are for our friend Edie. I think this will go with her QVC coat that she wore here last week for a visit.

Merry Christmas, Edie. We hope you have a lovely lovely holiday.

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