Friday, October 30, 2015

This Week's Color: Lavender

This week I am making a lovely lavender yarn. My recipe is 1/3 silk, 2/3 alpaca.

Here's what it looks like as I am pulling it off my Patrick Green drum carder. The silk alpaca combination comes out soft and silky and shiny:

Here's how it looks before I start spinning:

Here it is, as it is being spun on my Hansen electric spinning wheel. 

Next, I soak it and set the spin. And then, because it is a very thin yarn, I ply it to itself. We're such a bunch of geeks here that I have to vie for space with my husband's collection of computer books. He says these books are his legacy to our son. I asked if we should get them autographed, but he suggested that the author is a bit of a curmudgeon:

Next, I set the yarn up with other yarns and ponder my next project. Since I only know how to make hats and scarves and cowls, it's pretty clear what will be made next. I want to practice the cable that I learned last week, so this will be another cable scarf. And I learned last week that I need to practice on a couple of more projects with just one cable before I get all wild and try to do something with multiple cables.

So my plan is to use the deep green wool on the left, the sweet lavender alpaca/silk, and the blended purple/green that sits beneath the lavender to make a hat and a scarf. 

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