Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mama Smurf

Ahhhh. I've been spinning. And knitting. More spinning. More knitting. Carding. More spinning. More knitting. More carding.

The rule in my house is, you pick your material, and you consume it until it is all gone. So, I dug out a couple of buckets with hot pink tussah silk and hot pink alpaca. I carded them on my Patrick Green Electric Drum Supercard, 1/3 silk, 2/3 alpaca. 

This is what it looks like all carded up. Oooooh, shiny:

Then I spun up the carded fiber into yarn using my Hansen electric miniSpinner. Here's what the yarn looks like:

And then I started knitting. There were some problems along the way, because, well, there are always problems along the way. I paired my lovely buttersoft silk with a nicely colored maroon handspun yarn which turned out to be a rather harsh contrast. It's scratchy. So I tried to recover from that by knitting a hot pink silk alpaca liner for my cowl that I made. But the cowl was too big. If it was made from wool, it would have been a good candidate for felting, but it's not wool. So finally I came up with the idea of draping and tacking the cowl so it would have an area of overlap in the front. In the meantime, I made another cowl to go under the cowl (honestly, some days I wonder if I should knit at all), and that looked really good. So here's the result, two cowls and a matching hat. Layer up, my friends. I think I look like Momma Smurf.

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