Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm Feeling All Tweedy

I've been chugging away, to come up with something that compares with my friend Denise's multi-colored very sassy yarn. And so, I present to you my week of TWEEDS.

This is two ply. One ply is violet alpaca with gold firestar blended in. The other ply is blue silk.


I made this with purple angora, blue silk, purple sari silk threads, and blue firestar.

Here's the Old Man Purple
So then I decided to take "Old Man Purple" and ply it with cashgora blue.

Here's the blue cashgora

The result is blue cashgora tweeded with hints of maroon, light green and lots of blues
I like how this turned out. It's a hint of light green alpaca, lots of purple angora, lots of blue silk, purple sari silk, and blue firestar.

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