Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bua ha ha ha - I've Found the Place Where Spindlers Are Parting With Their Stashes

I consider myself a bit of a spindle connoisseur (true confession: I had to look up how to spell connoisseur). When I am bored, unhappy, happy, or dismayed, I troll etsy and ebay looking for interesting spindles. But yesterday I became so bored that I started trolling artfire and ravelry. I even had to look up my passwords, as I so rarely hit those two sites. And it was on ravelry, a site I don't really understand how to use, that I discovered the thriving secondary market in gently used spindle stashes. It turns out that the market there is so HOT that people list their stashes, and within hours, they are sold. I found the destashers following this path:  forums > spindle candy group > discussion board

Upon further thought, it occurs to me that I probably shouldn't have told you that.

So, my trolling led to a note to my husband, suggesting that he could do me a solid if he picked me up a little somethin-somethin for my birthday. There's a spindlemaker named Ken Ledbetter (KCL Woods) who has solved the biggest problem in my spindling efforts - how to keep the thread going once you've filled up the spindle. Ken makes lovely spindles, but now offers a type called "modular" that includes three shafts. So you fill up one, unscrew it, screw in the next and take it from there.

Note to My Sweet Patookie: If one is good, two is surely better. I am, after all, approaching a pivotal anniversary of my birth.

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