Monday, October 3, 2011

The Silks Are Coming

I ordered silk from three different places to get started on Christmas presents. First, I bought silk from Fabric Mart:
Italian China Silk

This is silk crepe de chine and silk charmeuse. I'm hoping they aren't too thick for doing nuno felting.

Tomorrow the Dharma Trading fabric is arriving. I ordered black and white silk gauze:

I also ordered white China Silk. I have big plans to experiment with silk dyeing.

Last but not least, I ordered blue and yellow silk on Ebay. It's travelling a long way, though, so I'm betting it doesn't show up for a few weeks:

It's probably best if we keep this to ourselves. I'm hoping my husband won't notice all the silk sneaking into the house. He might conclude that I've uncovered a new hobby.

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