Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mmmm... bunny

If you aren't familiar with the business of spinning, you might be worried that there are dead bunnies everywhere when I say that I've just hauled home a good stash. But please, set your minds at ease, one plucks the fiber from the lovely bunnies, or trims the fiber off with scissors, which isn't quite as nice as plucking in terms of the quality of the fiber, but still, it is nice, and it is bunny, and it is soft. No bunnies part with their lives to becomes part of a handspun scarf or a sweater.

I like to dye bunny, because the colors come out very vibrant. And I like to use bunny with my nuno felted scarves, because the bunnie is very cozy. Warmer than wool, and snugglier.


  1. love that maroon fiber from Pat!! Hope the bunny is to your taste too... your fiber junkie pusher, Cheryl

  2. Oh, Cheryl, bua ha ha ha... I sat in the middle of the family room today, surrounded by bags of bunny fiber, and briefly contemplated rolling around in it, but we all know that would just start the felting process sooner.