Saturday, November 12, 2011

HOT Pink Nuno Felted Scarf... Who's With Me?

My mother, a conservative sort, noted that my newest scarf is "very nice, dear, but... well, the color is... well..." Say it ain't so, Grandma! What kind of attitude is this?

Do I look gaudy?
Friends, I ask you, does this scarf make me look like a tart? I wore it to a restaurant yesterday, and can assure you that not even one seedy character gave me the eyeball. I wore it to a parent-teacher conference... is it possible that my son's teacher is secretly thinking, "Goodness, look at that brazen woman. That explains a lot."

Nonetheless, I'll let you get a closer look so you can decide for yourself:

It is two-sided. My son says the other side looks like cotton candy. The amount of angora in this scarf is plentiful. All that pink... and I used white... and then there's even some light peach.

For my next project, I'm going to try embedding flower leaves that I cut out of an angora sweater I purchased at a thrift store. I theorize that I need to lightly baste the flower petals onto the silk, then add all the other fiber, and then pound away to make it all stick together. Stay tuned...

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