Friday, September 16, 2016

Don't Mock Me For My Jersey Obsession

I cannot lie.

I have a friend whose husband Tony rides in these charity bike rides. His last one, the 10th Annual Pan Ohio Hope Ride, took four days. Honestly, I can't imagine doing anything for four days, much less riding a bike. But he is definitely amazing.

Some day when I have rock hard butt muscles, I will ride a 4 day ride like Tony.
So then, I went on a trip with my brother and sister-in-law, and they went bike riding, and my brother had this dandy jersey on, and I thought, "I would like one of those... so pretty." Probably shouldn't think a jersey looks pretty on my brother, but what can I say?

So then I went searching to see what it would take to get a jersey. Well, of course, you can buy them. But then I got to thinking that I would like to earn my jersey. So I poked around until I found a charity ride, and if you get enough sponsor money, you get a pretty pretty pink jersey. I would be a princess in a pretty pretty pink jersey.

My charity ride was the 2016 Go Pink Breast Cancer Ride and Run on October 9, 2016. My husband Ed, my son, my friend Denise from high school, her daughter Hannah and Hannah's friend Shelby were on my team. We three adults rode the 10 mile ride, and Boy did the 25 mile bike ride; youth, it is wasted on the young.

So I started riding my recumbent bike so I could earn a jersey. To the grocery store. To the library. To the Post Office. Diligently, I rode. But golly, a jersey or two in the meantime, to tide me over, couldn't hurt. So now I've got some jerseys, all fraught with meaning. See what you think.

The Angry Bear Jersey - for days when I am grumpy. Grrrr...

The Ben & Jerry's Jersey - because every ride ends with a kiddie cone. My son finds this one to be the most hideous.

The Mrs. Shumway Jersey - when I was growing up, it was my chore to ride my bike to get the mail every day. Mrs. Shumway handled the front desk at the Post Office. Mostly I got this jersey because I liked the dark blue. But I'm also quite fond of the Post Office. They bring me stuff. And they take stuff away too. You can't get any better than that.

The Erie Lake Monster Jersey - for days when I am feeling very strong. Note to my Dear Sweet Husband: If this, per chance, is the jersey that I am wearing when one of those big rumbly trucks comes tearing up 15A and inadvertently takes me out, I hereby give you permission to rail at the heavens above with something like "My EYES! How could anyone not see that blast of ferociously overly bright freaking green? OH THE HUMANITY!"

The Hell on Wheels Jersey - it goes with my helmet. It's always good to accessorize.

The 2016 Go Pink Breast Cancer Ride and Run Jersey - My family and friends worked the hardest for this one.


  1. Some great philosopher said, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a 10 mile bike ride." Now I was an engineering major so my memory of this humanities stuff is cloudy - maybe Bruce Springsteen said it?? Anyways, enjoy that training and rock that bike ride!! Wish I could join you!!

  2. Really, Tina, can't you and Tony come ride with us? We're loads of fun! We make funny faces and groaning sounds, but we never ever cry. AND we would buy you ice cream.