Monday, November 23, 2015

This is How it Ought to Work

Oh dear, it looks like my friend Linda got together with Denise and Channyn this weekend, and she may just have gotten a little carried away. I cannot resist posting this picture. Linda is actually the most sane of the four of us. I believe that she owns maybe 2 skeins of yarn at this point. She starts a project, knits it, and then Denise and Channyn thrust more yarn upon her, which is not how the rest of us work, though I dragged my bins of yarn up from the basement last Friday and I only have 3 bins (compared to Channyn and Denise's 13). Admittedly, I do have about 700 pounds of silk and alpaca in the basement, but that's a whole 'nother story, and that's roving, not finished yarn. Linda, by the way, knits until she hits an issue and then mails her project to Channyn, who fixes it and then mails it back.

I adore these girls. They are such a hoot.

Channyn made that hat and those mitts. She took an existing pattern that was a little wonky and re-architected it to get the cables to line up right. What a gift; I'm usually taking a perfectly adequate pattern and doing just the opposite, turning it wonky.

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