Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Fiber Nazi is Appeased

Last weekend I drove to Newburgh, NY to enjoy a Ladies Weekend with some college friends. And friends of the college friends. And friends of their friends. We showed up, pulled out wine, cheese and cookies, and gabbed. Yep. That's what we did. We took a side trip to a modern outdoor art exhibit. But mostly we just noshed and chatted in a lovely, positive environment. College plans for children, new jobs and old jobs... it was delightful to visit with my old friends and make some new ones. I can't wait to go again next year.

The best part of the trip, though, was a side junket to Poughkeepsie, NY, where I visited with my friends Lisa and Tina's mother, Katie. Katie weaves, you see, and I had weaving yarn, and a wee loom of my own, so I thought I could convince Katie to take the yarn and perhaps show me how to set up my little loom. I showed Katie my weaving yarn, and she looked at me and said that if I would not make her take the yarn, then she would teach me to knit. How could I turn such a proposal down?

Katie is in the middle of preparing to move, you see, and she says she can't set up the loom any more, as it is too hard to see. After I got home and tried to set up my wussy baby loom, I concluded that there must be people out there who you can pay to do that. My attempt did not go well. I am looking at my project right now and realizing that I will have to pull it off and start over again. And, of course, my scarf is looking rather "tilty". And the middle part is tightly woven, while the rest is loose.

But back to my visit... when my attempt to empty my car of yarn (six big boxes) didn't work out, I moved on to doing my dance of the seven veils. Basically, I brought out the handspun yarn and trickled it in front of the ladies in an alluring fashion. Before long my friend Lisa had found something she had to have, and the next thing we knew, a new knitter was born. Katie agreed to show Lisa how to knit a hat.

The story gets better, of course, because Lisa had heard me whine about my great big apothecary jars full of not properly appreciated yarn, so she took Katie to her home and immediately set to work, and then sent me this picture:

My fiber nazi instincts are appeased by this most excellent rendering made by Lisa. Her reward? She is welcome to look through the pictures on this blog and if there are any yarns that she would like to use to make something else (that she will lovingly photograph), then she is welcome to them.

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