Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just Because You CAN Make a Pillowcase into a Dress, Doesn't Mean You Should

So, I was sitting in my big comfy chair, wandering around on Etsy, when I got to thinking to myself that I have quite a bodacious collection of pillowcases. Perhaps somebody has come up with a creative thing to do with pillowcases? Now that I think of it, I also have a lot of pantyhose, but for now I'll stick to contemplating pillowcases.

My pillowcases are all sizes. Many are very old. Nobody is going to fight over my pillowcase collection when I'm gone. I am fairly sure that I have inherited many of my pillowcases from people who didn't know what to do with them. Of course, now that I'm thinking about it, how did I get all these pillowcases? Some came with wool in them when I bought fiber from somebody. Some came from my Mom, who I imagine foisted everything she could on me when I went off to college. If people were saying "Bua ha ha ha ha" back when I was heading off to college, I picture that my Mom was madly stuffing her old pillowcases into my boxes and at least thinking just that, if not saying it.

So anyway, on Etsy, a surprising number of people are making pillowcases into rather ugly dresses. Not my cup of tea. I am not convinced I could shimmy into a pillowcase anyway. Although there was one pillowcase dress that I thought was pretty dandy:

Yes, I'll admit it. I would not be phased, not one little bit, to be seen in this little number, from Etsy vendor Debra Curz. It's a capri outfit! I love capris.

But I couldn't look any more at pillowcase dresses, so I changed my query to "pillowcase -dress -dresses". After that I had to tack on "-romper", though I must admit, there were some pretty nice rompers out there as well. But I think to do justice to the whole dress/romper pillowcase thing, you have to have a nice looking pillowcase to start with. And mine are all old and decrepit.

I looked at personalized pillowcases, where you could put your favorite Twilight character on them, but I don't think my husband would like that very much.

I looked at as many of the 9,387 pillowcases as I could stand, and finally concluded that I like this one the best, from whatsupdox:

It's possible that you have to have dachshunds to fully understand the humor of these pillowcases. Dachshunds are hedonists. They only snuggle if they want your snuggling attention directed at them. And when I go to bed at night, our two pound puppies waddle into the room, make me give them a boost up into bed, and then take over their spots, on my pillows. Naturally, I try to find a spot where we can all share the pillow, but this never works out. They vacate and head south, because dachshunds do not see any reason to share.

So thus my investigation of pillowcases ends here. I am thinking that when my tjap arrives, I might use my enormous collection of jaded, worn out pillowcases for my experiments in batiking. So stay tuned.


  1. I am here. Keep keeping!

  2. please, please include me in on when you are ready to practice batik-ing! I have a few saved fabric stuffs just for that purpose. we may have to wait til next summer though when we can set up a whole dying studio outside on picnic tables.

    I hope you ordered those wiener pillow cases for yourself!

  3. Michelle, you are probably right that we'll have to wait until summer. Wax to me is messy stuff. I have the metal tjap and a wooden Indian one. And... dare I say it? I found this kit at a garage sale. Karat Liqua Starter Set. It includes a video. Sadly, I don't own a video player, so we might have to think about that a little. Anyway, it includes 6 colors, and is intended, as far as I can tell, for painging watersoluble liquid wax on fabric.