Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bucket List

1.   Ride in a charity bike ride, and earn a pretty pretty cycling jersey so that I will look like a princess. A wild biker chick princess. My charity ride is the Towpath Community Breast Cancer Ride and Run on October 9, 2016. If you'd like to sponsor my team, the SpinSomeMore Triker Gang, just head here.
2.   Learn to grow mushrooms. And garlic. My cousin Michelle says she's going to source me some garlic.
3.   Spend a summer wandering with Boy and my husband in Europe. We are not up for youth hostels, but we definitely want to ride Eurail and see whatever our whimsy takes us to see.
4.   Hawaii - the Big Island and Maui. I want Boy to see the observatory and fly over volcanos like my husband and I did for our honeymoon.
5.   Knit a toe and a heel on my woefully unfinished afterthought heel sock
6.   Get someone to teach me how to knit toes and heels.
7.   Learn to knit with beads. Finally, a way to get rid of some of my beads in the basement.
7.   Hot air ballooning over Letchworth State Park with Boy. I did this with Dad when I was in college.
8.   I would like to weave scarves. But, not on my own loom. I would like not to purchase another piece of equipment, as my house is full. So I hope to use someone else's loom.
9.   My husband wants to go to Universal Studios and ride the Harry Potter rides with Boy and me. Next year, of course, once the bariatric surgery has settled out. I am totally in! And, we'll get to visit Aunt Shirley and Uncle Bob.
10. Go to National Parks and see Yellowstone, Canyonlands, Moab, Grand Canyon, the Pacific Coast Highway. Just found this: How to visit nearly every national park in one epic road trip. It would take a couple of months, but why not?
11.  Husband wants to tour the Hawthorne, California SPACEX Headquarters. Also, we want to go to Cape Canaveral.
12.  Travel to Texas to see Bob and Pat, Rob and Yolanda, Steve and Heather, Knute and Helen, Joe Dan, and Stewart Federow.
13.  See some of the Caribbean
14.  Go trike riding with Uncle Fred in Ohio
15.  I think my son would like this underground zip line in Louisville, Kentucky -
16.  Boy thinks we should do this over at Darien Lake. Fortunately, we are still over the weight limit, for now, anyway. Of course, he also says we are too old to do this, which is also true.

17.  I am the only one who wants to go to this -
'Spose I'll have to wait until after Boy goes to college.

Please feel free to recommend more things that could go on my list.

1.   Make nut cheese. I made my first cheese this week following this recipe: Kick Ace Extra Sharp Raw Vegen Cheese. It was really good... a cheese ball. Coloring, not so good (it has sun dried tomatoes mixed with nuts). I'm the only one consuming it. Next time I'll try rolling it in crushed nuts to hide it a little.
2.   Make garlic scape pesto. I used my own homegrown basil with garlic scapes from my neighbor. I think it was quite tasty.
3.   Ride the Adirondack Rail Bikes at I thought this went quite well. Boy and I rode the rails, along with an incredibly old lady wearing purple sweatpants who was toting an oxygen tank, and another lady who was toting a wee poofy dog - "My dog goes everywhere with me!" I felt a little bad for the dog. The ride was exactly as noisy as you would expect a ride on railroad tracks would be.

Do we look cool? Because we are cool.
4.  SUP... SUPing is Stand Up Paddling. I did this with Boy at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Although there is no photographic evidence that I stood up and stayed up, I did successfully stand up and paddle around until I fell into the Racquet River and forever gave up my potential career as a SUP Girl.

Boy was a natural. Me? Not so much.
5.  Ride a Segway. Boy liked this the best of all the things we did recently. I spent most of the tour wondering if I was going to die by falling forward or by falling backward, safe in the knowledge that I probably would not die by falling sideways.

6.  Grow some... hair. Oh yeah, this really sucked. Fortunately, the hair did come back eventually. Do I look super happy? If you ask me, the only way to carry off having no hair is to look like you think it's a great idea.

It's pretty bad when my 90+-year-old neighbor has more hair than I do. Just sayin'. 

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